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Table 1 Overview of the fomites measured per hospital ward

From: ATP measurement as an objective method to measure environmental contamination in 9 hospitals in the Dutch/Belgian border area

Blood pressure meter - control panelMedical devices
Glucose meter - control panel
Glucose meter - insertion opening
Infusion stand ×3
Stethoscope - membrane
Infusion pump - control panel ×2
Pull-up bracketPatient bound materials
Nightstand - pullout tabletop
Paging system at bed ×2
Toilet - seatSanitary items
Toilet - bowl
Toilet - flush button
Toilet - support/bracket
Toilet chair - seat
Bedpan cleaner - control panel
Sink - faucet operation ×2
Shower - support/bracket
Shower - showerhead
Keyboard - Computer On Wheels (COW)Ward bound materials
Keyboard - team post
Tabletop medication preparation
Telephone - keys
Chair - seat