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Table 3 Infection prevention and control scores of the seven small animal clinics/practices

From: Poor infection prevention and control standards are associated with environmental contamination with carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales and other multidrug-resistant bacteria in Swiss companion animal clinics

Area of IPCaMaximum scoreInstitutionSum per area for the evaluated institutionsMaximum sum per area for seven institutions
Clinic AClinic BClinic CClinic DClinic EPractice FPractice G
IPC management642420021442
Staff education654350001742
Cleaning / disinfection652263342542
Quarantine measures661231301642
Guidelines for patients with MDROs43311010928
Hand hygiene873582633456
Personal hygiene1297593624184
Protection of employees423213321628
Protective clothing664443402542
Guidelines/restrictions for antimicrobial use444031411728
Total score6855353348193320243476
% of maximum score100%81%52%49%71%28%49%29%51%100%
  1. aThe total score per IPC area is shown. For detailed scoring see Additional file 4
  2. Abbreviations: IPC Infection prevention and control, MDROs multidrug resistant organisms