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Table 5 Results of environmental examinations for multidrug-resistant organisms in Clinics/Practices D–G

From: Poor infection prevention and control standards are associated with environmental contamination with carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales and other multidrug-resistant bacteria in Swiss companion animal clinics

AreaClinic DaClinic EaPractice FaPractice Ga
No. of sampling sitesbAll MDROs testedNo. of sampling sitesbMRSCPEMacrococcus spp.No. of sampling sitesbMRSNo. of sampling sitesbMRS
Waiting area2021002021
Consultation rooms4051125250
Pre-OR area4041014020
Total no. of sampling sites38 39   40 37 
Total no. (%) of positive sampling sites0 (0)0 (0)13 (33)6 (15)1 (3)8 (21)2 (5)2 (5)3 (8)3 (8)
  1. a Results for all included MDROs are shown (Methicillin-resistant staphylococci, ESBL- and carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales and Macrococcus spp.); missing rows indicate no positive result for this group of MDROs. Positive results are shown in bold. Details on species, strain and minimal inhibitory concentrations of the isolates are specified in Tables 1 and 2. bDetails on sampling sites are indicated in Additional file 3. cUtensils: phones, stethoscopes, thermometers, otoscopes, clippers, ultrasonography devices, clamps / scissors, muzzles, dental cleaning devices / utensils. dOthers: feeding utensils, lingerie, changing rooms, sterilizer
  2. Abbreviations: MDROs multidrug resistant organisms, MRS Methicillin-resistant staphylococci, CPE carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales, OR operating room