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Table 1 Post-interventional hand hygiene scores and levels by health facility units in Dodoma region

From: Impact of hand hygiene intervention: a comparative study in health care facilities in Dodoma region, Tanzania using WHO methodology

Health facility unitMedian hand hygiene score (IQR)Hand hygiene level
Labour ward (n = 177)182.5 (105–250)Basic
Outpatient (n = 24)205 (143.8–272.5)Basic
Theatre (n = 14)185 (115–250)Basic
Laboratory (n = 8)197.5 (111.3–307.5)Basic
Pharmacy (n = 7)180 (115–195)Basic
Surgical ward (n = 6)327.5 (235–347.5)Intermediate
Total (N = 236)
  1. IQR Interquartile range