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Table 1 Description of main variable

From: Will healthcare workers improve infection prevention and control behaviors as COVID-19 risk emerges and increases, in China?

Variable nameDescription
Independent variable
Outbreak risk1 = yes/exist, 0 = no/not exist
Extent of risk
Risk of contact with confirmed and suspected patients1 = yes/contacted, 0 = no/not contacted
High-risk Department1 = High-risk department (department of respiratory medicine, infectious disease, emergency and general intensive care unit)
0 = Not high-risk department
Risk of affected area1 = yes/Wuhan, 0 = no/Ganzhou
Dependent variable
1 Compliance of hand hygiene: Overall hand hygiene, and it’s five moment, including before touching a patient, before aseptic procedure, after body fluid exposure risk, after touching a patient, after touching patient surroundings
2 Compliance of use of personal protective equipment: Overall personal protective equipment, and use of mask, use of glove, use of goggle, use of gown
3 Compliance of appropriate patient placement
4 Compliance of terminal disinfection
5 Compliance of report to superior