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Table 5 Codebook depicting the theme, categories, and codes of VRE

From: Healthcare workers’ perspectives on healthcare-associated infections and infection control practices: a video-reflexive ethnography study in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia

Theme Categories Codes
1. Gaps in infection control measures 1.1. A lapse in handwashing technique 1.1.1. Time allotted for handwashing was less than 30 s before and after a sterile procedure
1.1.2. 5 moments of hand hygiene technique not followed
1.2. Lack of proper usage of PPE 1.2.1 Surgical masks did not cover the entire beard area of the male resident during the procedure
1.2.2. The female HCW wore a face cover instead of a surgical mask during a sterile procedure
1.3. Crossover of non-sterile items into the sterile zone 1.3.1 No zone of demarcation between sterile and non-sterile areas
1.3.2. Contamination of sterile instruments with non-sterile instruments
  1. PPE: Personal protective equipment; HCW: healthcare worker