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Table 1 Distribution of results of the total IPCAF score and scores per core component. Results from 65 participating Austrian acute care hospitals

From: Evaluating infection prevention and control programs in Austrian acute care hospitals using the WHO Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Framework

CC1: IPC Program57.562.577.58591.574.3
CC2: IPC Guidelines77.587.59597.510091.5
CC3: IPC Education and Training506570758569.4
CC4: HAI Surveillance58.57082.59092.578.4
CC5: Multimodal Strategies for Implementation of IPC Interventions64065808857.6
CC6: Monitoring/Audit of IPC Practices and Feedback53.562.572.5808972.1
CC7: Workload, Staffing and Bed Occupancy526580959877.2
CC8: Environments, Materials and Equipment for IPC90959510010095.7
  1. Abbreviations: CC Core component(s); HAI Healthcare-associated infection(s); IPCAF Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Framework; P10 Tenth percentile; P90 90th percentile; Q1 First quartile; Q3 Third quartile