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Table 1 Characteristics of the included articles in the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Indirect comparison of efficacy between different antibiotic prophylaxis against the intracranial infection after craniotomy

Autho (Year) Country Participants Type of intervention (manufacturers/companies) Treatment group ICIs rate Type of control Control group ICIs rate
Savitz and Malis.(1976) [11] USA Craniotomy 200 mg Clindamycin IV (N/A) 1/60 No prophylactic antibiotic 9/50
Geraghty et al.(1984) [12] Ireland Craniotomy+Burr hole 1 g Vancomycin IV (N/A) 0/72 No prophylactic antibiotic 5/67
Young et al.(1987) [13] USA Craniotomy+Stereotaxic procedures+Shunt placement 1 g Cefazolin IV (N/A) 3/286 No prophylactic antibiotic 13/301
Blomstedt et al.(1988) [14] Finland Supratentorial+suboccipital Craniotomy 1 g Vancomycin IV (N/A) 3/169 No prophylactic antibiotic 14/191
Bullock et al.(1988) [15] South Africa Craniotomy+VP shunt 2 g Piperacillin sodium IV (N/A) 2/141 Placebo 10/159
Van Ek et al.(1988) [16] Netherlands Craniotomy with Bone flap+subdual drainage+insertion+interval shunt+ommaya reseroir 1 g Cloxacillin IV (N/A) 6/183 Placebo 20/195
Blum et al.(1989) [17] Germany Shunt 50 mg/kg Cefazedone IV (RefosporinR, E. Merck) 3/50 No prophylactic antibiotic 7/50
Djindjian et al.(1990) [18] France Cerebral tumor+Meningioma+Vascular+Posterior fossa+stereotactic 1 g Oxacillin IV (N/A) 1/148 Placebo 7/153
Gaillard et al.(1991) [19] Germany Craniotomy 2 g Cefotiam IV (N/A) 12/356 Placebo 32/355
Mindermann et al.(1993) [20] Switzerland Craniotomy+Posterior fossa+Cranioplast+Ventricular-peritoneal shunting 500 mg Fusidic acid IV (Leo Pharmaceutical Products, Zuirich, Switzerland) 1/41 Placebo 4/44
Huang W. et al.(2009) [21] China Craniotomy 500 mg Vancomycin IV (Eli Lilly Japan K. K, Seishin Laboratories) 1/92 No prophylactic antibiotic 5/51