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Table 6 Protective factor and predictors of 30-day mortality in others studies

From: A seven-year surveillance study of the epidemiology, antifungal susceptibility, risk factors and mortality of candidaemia among paediatric and adult inpatients in a tertiary teaching hospital in China

Authors Country or region study period study design samples No of samples Protective factor Predictors of 30-day mortality Reference
Ma et al China 2009–2011 Retrospective,
single-center study
Candidemia((130 adults
and 3 children < 15 years patients)
133   Presence of CVC 37
Cortes et al Colombia 2008–2009 Retrospective,
observational, multicenter study (seven tertiary-care hospitals)
Candidemia(9 days to 87 years patients) 131 Fluconazole therapy Age, the presence of shock at the time of Candida detection 40
Wang et al China 2008–2010 Retrospective, multicentre
(4 tertiary general hospitals)
Candidemia(> 16 years patients) 147 Antifungal therapy administered before microbiological documentation Absence of antifungal therapies, receipt of mechanical ventilation and APACHE II score ≥ 20 41
Tedeschi et al Italy 2012–2013 Retrospective, observational, multicenter cohort study(39 hospitals) Candidemia (adult patients) 232 Central-venous-catheter removal and adequate and timely(within 72 h of drawing blood cultures) therapy Chronic-obstructive-pulmonary-disease and isolation of C. tropicalis 42
Li et al China 2010–2014 Retrospective, observational,
single-center study
Candidemia(> 18 years patients) 190 Proven catheter-related candidemia Severe sepsis or septic shock 35
Gonzalez-Lara et al Mexico 2008–2014 Retrospective, laboratory-based survey study(two tertiary-care centers hospitals) Candidemia(all patients) 149 Early CVC withdrawal andempirical antifungal therapy Severe sepsis and previous diagnosis of cirrhosis 43
Jia et al China 2011–2016 Retrospective, observational,
multicenter study (3 hospitals)
Candidemia(15–90 years patients) 198   ICU admission, catheter-relatedcandidemia, ascites, septic shock and concomitant bacterial infection 18
Ortega-Loubon et al Spain 2007–2016 Retrospective, observational, single-cente study Candidemia(> 18 years patients) 296   Prolonged mechanical ventilation, age and low lymphocyte count 23
Kato et al Japan 2011–2016 Retrospective, observational,
multicenter study (5 hospitals)
Candidemia(all patients) 289 Follow-up blood culture,empiric treatment with fluconazole Age > 65 years and SOFA score ≥ 6 5
Ala-Houhala et al Finland 2007–2016 Retrospective, observational
study (2 hospitals)
Candidemia(> 18 years patients) 374   Severity of underlying illnesses, ICU stay at the onset of candidemia and age > 65 years 4
Medeiros et al Brazil 2011–2016 Retrospective, single-center, observational cohort study Nosocomial candidemia 68   Older age, severe sepsis and hypotension 25
Santolaya et al Chile 2013–2017 Prospective, observational multicenter, laboratory-based survey study(26 tertiary care hospitals) Candidemia(all patients) 780   Mechanical ventilation and previous use of corticosteroids 17
Alkharashi et al Saudi Arabia 2013–2018 Retrospective, observational, single-cente study Candidemia(> 18 years patients) 324   Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and use of central venous catheters 24
Xiao et al China 2011–2017 Retrospective, observational, single-cente study Candidemia(26–91 years patients) 82   GCS score, P/F ratio, MAP 36
This study China 2013–2019 Retrospective, observational, single-cente, cohort study Candidemia(0–5 years and > 16 years patients) 201 Length of hospital stay(days) Respiratory dysfunction and Septic shock This study
  1. CVC central venous catheter; APACHE Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation; ICU Intensive care unit; SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment; GCS Glasgow Coma Scale; P/F ratio PaO2/FiO2 ratio; MAP Mean arterial pressure