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Table 4 Estimates of partial rank correlation coefficients (PRCCs) between the input values of the model and the output of interest, namely the probability of ESBL-EC transmission in the household. a Not statistically significant

From: Hand hygiene improvement or antibiotic restriction to control the household transmission of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli: a mathematical modelling study

Parameter Description PRCC
   2-person household
(index = woman)
4-person household (index = woman)
dcol median duration of colonisation 0.81 0.88
pcont,t probability of hand contamination after using the toilet 0.81 0.74
ptr probability of contact-to-contact transmission 0.90 0.76
pcol probability of gut colonisation 0.83 0.61
rrcol relative risk of gut colonisation in a contaminated person receiving antibiotics 0.06a 0.50
pcol,feed probability of gut colonisation in a baby 0.66
HHt,w HH after using the toilet, woman −0.70 −0.58
HHe,m HH before eating, man −0.48 − 0.19a
HHf,w HH before feeding, woman −0.44
HHe,ch HH before eating, children −0.30