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Table 3 A comparison of guideline applicability and protective value using an overall measure of efficacy (N = 242)

From: A mixed-methods sequential explanatory design comparison between COVID-19 infection control guidelines’ applicability and their protective value as perceived by Israeli healthcare workers, and healthcare executives’ response

Guideline Overall measure of efficacya Chi-Squareb DF p-value
Hand hygiene 4.2 317.52 9 < 0.001
Remote services 4.2
Alcohol rub sanitizers at entrance 4.2
Signage at entrance 4.1
Mask for contact with symptomatic patients 4.1
Mask for symptomatic patients 3.8
Gloves and gown 3.8
Prohibited gathering over 10 people 3.7
questioning at entrance 3.5
Maintaining a distance of 2 m 3.3
  1. a Averages the applicability and the protective value of each guideline
  2. b Friedman’s test