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Table 4 Additional practices suggested by the HCWs that do not appear in the official guidelines against COVID-19

From: A mixed-methods sequential explanatory design comparison between COVID-19 infection control guidelines’ applicability and their protective value as perceived by Israeli healthcare workers, and healthcare executives’ response

Practice No. Practice description
1 Eating healthy, vitamin C-fortified food, and drinking a lot of water
2 Rinsing nostrils with water and soap after shift
3 Disinfecting personal belongings before going home
4 Disinfecting cell phone, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment throughout the day
5 Changing clothes and disinfecting shoes when entering the house
6 Washing work clothes separately
7 Opening doors with elbow
8 Thorough cleaning of surfaces and chairs
9 Cleaning steering wheel and car door handles
10 Showering at the end of shift before going home