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Table 1 Analyzed VRE strains, sample collection time and genetic relatedness

From: Donor-derived vancomycin-resistant enterococci transmission and bloodstream infection after intestinal transplantation

Code Collection Specimen Genetic relatedness
A Day 0 Allograft perfusion fluid Cluster of identical isolates, 0 alleles of difference. 1 allele of difference to P6
P1 Day +2 Blood culture, peripheral
P2 Day +2 Blood culture, central venous line
P3 Day +2 Swab, intra-abdominal
P4 Day +3 Swab, intra-abdominal
P5 Day +3 Swab, intra-abdominal
P7 Day +3 Swab, gallbladder
P8 Day +3 Swab, duodenum
P9 Day +3 Swab, stomach
P6 Day +3 Swab, subcutaneus tissue 1 allele of difference to cluster
R Reference genome, Enterococcus faecium Aus0004 [18] 288 alleles of difference to cluster