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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for this scoping review

From: Infections and antimicrobial resistance in intensive care units in lower-middle income countries: a scoping review

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion
Population Human Animal, plants
  Adult Children and neonates
  Intensive care units Other hospital wards
  ICU infections, especially those acquired during ICU stay  
  Laboratory results of screening for the presence of multidrug-resistant bacteria, especially ESKAPE species among ICU patients, healthcare workers, or the ICU environment  
  Lower-middle income countries  
Intervention Preventive measures to limit nosocomial acquisition and infection of bacterial pathogens  
Comparator Not Applicable  
Outcomes Infection and/or acquisition  
  Identification and susceptibility pattern of targeted pathogens (ESKAPE species)  
  Compliance with prevention protocols (e.g. hand hygiene)  
  Length of stay  
Language English Language  
Study design Case control study Editorials
  Cohort studies Case series reports
  Cross-sectional studies Conference abstracts/reports
  Longitudinal studies Reviews
  Modelling studies  
  Laboratory-based studies  
Quality of journal Q1 or Q2 based on rank on Web of Science Q3 or Q4, or not ranked in Web of Science