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Table 1 Antimicrobial resistance profiles of major pathogens across countries

From: A road-map for addressing antimicrobial resistance in low- and middle-income countries: lessons learnt from the public private participation and co-designed antimicrobial stewardship programme in the State of Kerala, India

Reported aggregate resistance rates (from isolates from blood and cerebrospinal fluids from inpatients of all ages) among prevalent pathogens, by antibiotic class [5]a India (%) USA (%) South Africa (%) China (%)
Gram negative     
Carbapenem resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae 59 3 7 36
Fluoroquinolone resistant Escherichia coli 84 31 28 56
Carbapenem resistant Acinetobacter baumanni 77 30 73 82
Gram positive     
Oxacillin resistance of Staphylococcus aureus 39 45 27 38
Aminoglycosides resistant Enterococcus faecalis 60 34 50 31
  1. aAntimicrobial susceptibility data procured from Centre for Disease Dynamics Economics and Policy (CDDEP). The resistance data rely on different testing methodologies across the different countries