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Table 1 Site characteristics for adult acute-care hospitals participating in CNISP AMU surveillance, 2009–2016

From: Antimicrobial use among adult inpatients at hospital sites within the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program: 2009 to 2016

Hospital Sites (adult-only facilities)1717171717161718
 Inpatient Days2,248,7292,296,7102,430,1142,432,8192,436,5682,528,2052,891,4892,967,559
 Hospital Bed Size
  ≥ 501 beds66666787
  201–500 beds77777679
  ≤ 200 beds44444322
 Hospital Type
 Year Type for Data Collection
  Fiscal year1717171717200
  Calendar year00000141718
Intensive Care Units
 Number of Hospitals with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Data Available141415
 Inpatient days130,124138,660146,051
 Hospital Bed Size
  ≥ 501 beds676
  201–500 beds668
  ≤ 200 beds211
 Hospital Type
 Year Type for Data Collection
  Fiscal year000
  Calendar year141415