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Table 1 Calculated solubility parameters using Hoy and Haftyzer- Van Krevelen methods

From: Enhanced bactericidal effect of ceftriaxone drug encapsulated in nanostructured lipid carrier against gram-negative Escherichia coli bacteria: drug formulation, optimization, and cell culture study

Material typeMaterial nameSolubility Parameter Hoftyzer-van krevelen methodSolubility Parameter Hoy method
Solid lipidStearic acid17.4318.16
Solid lipidGMS19.3720.93
Liquid lipidOleic acid17.3118.31
SurfactantSoy lecithin18.8417.42
SurfactantSpan 8022.4822.01
SurfactantTween 8019.1721.86
DrugCeftriaxone sodium32.1422.09