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Table 4 Experimental results for particle size and drug entrapment efficiency of various formulations

From: Enhanced bactericidal effect of ceftriaxone drug encapsulated in nanostructured lipid carrier against gram-negative Escherichia coli bacteria: drug formulation, optimization, and cell culture study

SampleSolid lipidLiquid lipidSurfactant of the internal water phaseSurfactant of the external water phaseParticle size (nm)Drug loading(%)
S1GMSOleic acidSoy lecithinTween 8086.0983%
S2GMSOleic acidSpan 80PVA112.4180%
S3GMSSesame oilSoy lecithinTween 80101.9575%
S4GMSSesame oilSpan 80PVA127.4173%
S5Stearic acidOleic acidSoy lecithinTween 80202.7472%
S6Stearic acidOleic acidSpan 80PVA260.5269%
S7Stearic acidSesame oilSoy lecithinTween 80306.7560%
S8Stearic acidSesame oilSpan 80PVA369.6758%