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Table 2 Factors associated with good compliance with hand hygiene in Jos, 600 bed-tertiary care hospital, Northern Nigeria

From: Assessment of hand hygiene facilities and staff compliance in a large tertiary health care facility in northern Nigeria: a cross sectional study

OR (95% CI)
P valueMultivariate
AOR (95% Cl)
P value
Week days (Yes/No)2.66 (1.18–6.36)0.0171.70 (0.68–4.23)0.26
Non ICU (vs ICU)0.69 (0.24–1.86)0.45NANA
Physiciansa0.92 (0.39–2.12)0.84NANA
Pharmacistsa0.49 (0.15–1.40)0.180.61 (0.18–2.04)0.42
Nursesa1.31 (0.65–2.65)0.45NANA
Medical studentsa18.90 (3.16–417.12)0.000213.87 (1.70–112.88)0.01
Nursing studentsa2.81 (1.07–7.91)0.032.27 (0.80–6.40)0.12
Attendantsa0.31 (0.15–0.63)0.00010.42 (0.19–0.93)0.031
  1. Good compliance with hand hygiene was defined as compliance greater than 50%
  2. NA Not applicable (Only variables with p values < 0.25 on univariate were put into multivariate regression model), OR odds ratio, AOR adjusted odds ratio
  3. aCompared to other healthcare workers’ categories