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Table 2 Genotypic characterisations by PCR and antimicrobial susceptibility of all ARB isolates

From: Oral colonisation by antimicrobial-resistant Gram-negative bacteria among long-term care facility residents: prevalence, risk factors, and molecular epidemiology

Isolate’s codeSpeciesPatients’ ward (floor)POT codeMIC (μg/mL)
61EAcinetobacter baumannii38–13-04 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)1 (S)4 (S)≤0.5 (S)1 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
66CAcinetobacter baumannii38–13-016 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)2 (S)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
25EAcinetobacter baumannii232–20-4116 (S)≤8 (S)> 16 (R)4 (S)16 (I)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)4 (I)2 (S)2 (I)<=32 (S)≤20 (S)
13CAcinetobacter baumannii3104–12-108 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)4 (S)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
41CAcinetobacter baumannii2104–12-1032 (I)16 (S)4 (S)8 (S)8 (S)1 (S)≤0.25 (S)0.5 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
45CAcinetobacter baumannii2104–12-1032 (I)32 (I)4 (S)8 (S)16 (I)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)1 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
50E-BAcinetobacter baumannii2104–12-108 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)2 (S)4 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
51EAcinetobacter baumannii2104–12-104 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)2 (S)4 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
52EAcinetobacter baumannii2104–12-108 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)4 (S)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
12C-CAcinetobacter baumannii3104–13-88 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)2 (S)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
70CAcinetobacter nosocomialis22090-44-10> 64 (R)> 64 (R)16 (I)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)≤0.25 (S)1 (S)≤1 (S)0.5 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
67C-BAcinetobacter sp. close to 13TU33045-12-1064 (I)32 (I)≤2 (S)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)0.5 (S)2 (S)1 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
59C-BAcinetobacter sp. close to 13TU33109-12-1064 (I)16 (S)≤2 (S)4 (S)8 (S)4 (S)≤0.25 (S)0.5 (S)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
56CAcinetobacter ursingii24000-50-16> 64 (R)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)≤0.25 (S)0.5 (S)≤1 (S)1 (S)64 (S)> 40 (R)
68EAcinetobacter baylyi2 4 (S)8 (S)≤2 (S)4 (S)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
25CAcinetobacter sp.24000-2-16> 64 (R)16 (S)4 (S)8 (S)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
32EAcinetobacter sp.24000-2-1616 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)16 (I)8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
65CAcinetobacter sp.34000-2-1616 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)> 16 (R)16 (I)1 (S)≤0.25 (S)0.5 (S)2 (S)0.5 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
71CAcinetobacter sp.14064-4-18 (S)≤8 (S)≤2 (S)8 (S)8 (S)1 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
73EEscherichia coli149–56-83> 16 (R)> 64 (R)≤8 (S)16 (I)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 4 (R)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)2 (S)> 2 (R)≤20 (S)
43EEscherichia coli249–58-19> 16 (R)> 64 (R)≤8 (S)4 (S)> 16 (R)8 (R)16 (R)16 (R)> 4 (R)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)4 (S)> 2 (R)≤20 (S)
95EEscherichia coli149–62-235> 16 (R)> 64 (R)≤8 (S)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)4 (S)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 4 (R)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)32 (I)> 2 (R)> 40 (R)
77EEscherichia coli149–122-83> 16 (R)> 64 (R)≤8 (S)8 (S)> 16 (R)4 (S)32 (R)> 16 (R)> 4 (R)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)4 (S)> 2 (R)≤20 (S)
7CKlebsiella pneumoniae3> 16 (R)16 (S)≤8 (S)4 (S)1 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤2 (S)0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
87CKlebsiella pneumoniae2> 16 (R)4 (S)≤8 (S)4 (S)1 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤2 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
12C-AKlebsiella aerogenes3> 16 (R)32 (I)32 (I)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)≤0.5 (S)> 4 (R)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)64 (S)≤20 (S)
91CRaoultella planticola14 (S)≤8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)64 (S)≤20 (S)
82EEnterobacter cloacae1> 16 (R)16 (S)16 (S)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)16 (R)32 (R)≤0.5 (S)> 4 (R)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
102C-BSerratia marcescens216 (I)≤2 (S)≤8 (S)8 (S)> 16 (R)≤0.5 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤2 (S)0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
18C-AMorganella morganii3> 16 (R)4 (S)≤8 (S)> 16 (R)> 16 (R)2 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.5 (S)> 4 (R)4 (S)≤0.25 (S)8 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
101ERahnella sp.14 (S)≤8 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.5 (S)0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
71EPseudononas aeruginosa1207–1> 64 (I)> 64 (I)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)> 2 (R)> 128 (R)> 40
18C-BPseudononas aeruginosa3108–2 4 (S)4 (S)  2 (S) ≤0.5 (S) 0.5 (S)0.5 (S)4 (S)≤0.25 (S) > 40
96CPseudononas aeruginosa1641–0 ≤2 (S)≤2 (S)  1 (S) 2 (S) 1 (S)≤0.25 (S)4 (S)0.5 (S) 40
89CPseudononas aeruginosa1696–16 4 (S)4 (S)  1 (S) ≤0.5 (S) 1 (S)0.5 (S)2 (S)≤0.25 (S) > 40
59C-APseudononas fluorescens/putida38 (S)≤8 (S)2 (S)16 (I)1 (S)1 (S)2 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
67C-APseudononas fluorescens/putida38 (S)≤8 (S)1 (S)16 (I)≤0.5 (S)1 (S)1 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
82CPseudononas fluorescens/putida116 (S)16 (S)2 (S)32 (I)≤0.5 (S)0.5 (S)4 (I)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
66EPseudomonas sp.316 (S)16 (S)4 (S)16 (I)≤0.5 (S)2 (S)2 (S)2 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
67E-APseudomonas sp.34 (S)≤8 (S)1 (S)16 (I)≤0.5 (S)1 (S)2 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
102EPseudononas sp.28 (S)8 (S)8 (S)1 (S)1 (S)1 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 40 (R)
12E-AStenotrophomonas maltophilia3> 64 (R)16 (S)16 (I)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)2 (I)64 (S)40 (S)
18EStenotrophomonas maltophilia3> 64 (R)> 64 (R)2 (S)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)1 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
20CStenotrophomonas maltophilia3> 64 (R)> 64 (R)4 (S)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)2 (I)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
26EStenotrophomonas maltophilia2> 64 (R)32 (I)2 (S)32 (I)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)1 (S)128 (I)≤20 (S)
62CStenotrophomonas maltophilia3> 64 (R)> 64 (R)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)2 (I)128 (I)40 (S)
101CStenotrophomonas maltophilia1> 64 (R)> 64 (R)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)2 (I)64 (S)≤20 (S)
59E-CChryseobacterium indologenes364 (I)64 (I)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)1 (S)> 128 (R)40 (I)
60EChryseobacterium indologenes3> 64 (R)64 (I)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)1 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
65E-BChryseobacterium indologenes364 (I)16 (S)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)> 32 (R)0.5 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
78EChryseobacterium indologenes164 (I)32 (I)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)32 (I)1 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
102C-AChryseobacterium indologenes2> 64 (R)64 (I)> 16 (R)> 32 (R)> 16 (R)> 8 (R)> 8 (R)32 (I)0.5 (S)> 128 (R)≤20 (S)
64EAeromonas salmonicida3≤2 (S)≤8 (S)≤0.5 (S)2 (S)≤0.5 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤1 (S)≤0.25 (S)≤32 (S)≤20 (S)
78COchrobactrum sp.1> 64 (R)> 64 (R)> 16 (R)16 (I)2 (S)1 (S)1 (S)8 (S)≤0.25 (S)> 128 (R)> 40 (R)
  1. POT PCR-based ORF typing, ABPC Ampicillin, PIPC Piperacillin, T/P Tazobactam/piperacillin, A/S, Ampicillin/sulbactam, CEZ Cefazolin, CAZ Ceftazidime, CTX Cefotaxim, CZOP Cefozopran, CPDX Cefpodoxime, IMP Imipenem, MEPM, Meropenem, AMK Amikacin, CPFX Ciprofloxacin, FOM Fosfomycin, ST Sulfamethoxazole, S Susceptible, I Intermediate, R Resistant