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Table 1 Flottorps’ checklist with domains of practice determinants

From: Exploring determinants of hand hygiene compliance in LTCFs: a qualitative study using Flottorps’ integrated checklist of determinants of practice

Domain Subdomain Definition
1. Guideline factors Recommendation E.g. clarity (clearness of the target population, the settings in which the recommendation is to be used, and the recommended action)a
2. Individual healthcare professional factors Knowledge and skills E.g. domain knowledge (the extent to which the targeted healthcare professionals have pre-existing knowledge or expertise about the targeted condition)a
3. Patient factors Patient needs Real or perceived needs and demands of the patient
4. Professional interactions Communication and influence The extent to which the targeted healthcare professionals’ compliance is influenced by professional opinions and communication
5. Incentives and resources Availability of necessary resources The extent of availability of resources required for compliance
6. Capacity for organisational change Mandate, authority, accountability The mandate, authority, and accountability for making necessary changes
7. Social, political, and legal factors Economic constraints on the healthcare budget Limits of the total healthcare budget or its growth
  1. This table is based on Flottorp et al. [16]
  2. aThere are multiple subcategories for these subdomains. We show only one example in the table