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Table 1 Expert panel key recommendations for guideline selection, adaptation and dissemination

From: Expert commentary on the challenges and opportunities for surgical site infection prevention through implementation of evidence-based guidelines in the Asia–Pacific Region

Guideline selection, adaptation and dissemination—expert recommendations
1. Systems and governance for SSI prevention and surveillance within APAC should be consistent with global and/or national guidelines. Guidelines should be implemented at both the national and individual hospital level
2. Professional societies within respective countries may also formulate their own guidelines using frameworks provided by global guidelines and should be consistent with their national guidelines. National guidelines should be situationally applicable and adaptable to an institution’s cultural, socioeconomic, clinical, health economic and political context [40]
3. Where possible, local systems and processes for SSI prevention and surveillance should be developed and standardised based on local evidence to ensure contextual relevance and long-term sustainability
4. Guidelines should be actively disseminated to stakeholders who are in a position to make impactful changes
5. Guidelines should be ‘living documents’, updated on an ongoing basis as new evidence is accumulated