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Table 3 The effect of recombinant mcr-3 variant expression on colistin MIC, based on BMD

From: Characterisation of mobile colistin resistance genes (mcr-3 and mcr-5) in river and storm water in regions of the Western Cape of South Africa

Isolates Colistin BMD MIC (mg/L)
E. coli ATCC 25922 (susceptible control) 0.5
E. coli NCTC® 13846 (mcr-1 control) 4
E. coli SHuffle T7 0.5
E. coli SHuffle T7 transformed with:
pET-48b(+) 0.5
pET-48b(+)-mcr-1 4
pET-48b(+)-mcr-3.33 4
pET-48b(+)-mcr-3.34 4
pET-48b(+)-mcr-3.35 4
pET-48b(+)-mcr-3.36 4
pET-48b(+)-mcr-3.37 4
  1. MIC ≤ 2 mg/L: susceptible, MIC > 2 mg/L: resistant