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Table 1 Summary of IPC interventions based on a three-level hierarchy of controls

From: Reducing the risk of tuberculosis transmission for HCWs in high incidence settings

Administrative controls Environmental controls Personal respiratory protection
Triage and isolation of people (with presumed or confirmed TB infection) Ventilation systems
 Recirculated air through HEPA filters
Particulate respirators
(N95 or FFP2)
Prompt initiation of effective treatment
Respiratory hygiene (including cough etiquette) GUV systems
 Germicidal lamps
 Upper-room GUV
Respirator fit testing
Management of HCWs (including education and training)
  1. The recommendations listed above were summarised from the WHO 2019 guidelines on TB IPC [3]. HCWs, healthcare workers; HEPA, high-efficiency particulate air (filters); GUV, germicidal ultraviolet