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Table 2 Characterization and detection of selected antibiotic and virulence genes (WGS) in S. aureus isolates from the WAD goat in Nigeria

From: Genomic analysis of Staphylococcus aureus from the West African Dwarf (WAD) goat in Nigeria

  1. PEN, Penicillin; GEN, Gentamicin; OXA, Oxacillin; TET, Tetracycline; COT, Trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole; spa, Staphylococcus protein A; ST, Sequence Type; CC, clonal complex; cap, capsule; Antibiotic resistance genes/product (aacA-aphD, bi-functional aminoglycoside phosphotransferase; aadD, aminoglycoside adenyltransferase; blaZ, β-lactamase; ermA, rRNA adenine N-6-methyl-transferase gene; mecA, alternate penicillin-binding 2a; tetK, tetracycline efflux protein variant K). Enterotoxins and toxic shock syndrome genes (sea-sep, enterotoxin A and P; sec, enterotoxin C; seh, enterotoxin H; tst, toxic shock syndrome toxin). Leukocidin and hemolysin genes (lukD, leukocidin D; lukE, leukocidin E; lukF-P83, bovine Panton-Valentine leukocidin subunit F; lukM, leukocidin M, lukF-PV, Panton-Valentine leukocidin subunit F; lukS-PV Panton-Valentine leukocidin subunit S; hla, hemolysin alpha; hlaB, hemolysin B; hlgA, hemolysin gamma component A; hlgB, hemolysin gamma component B; hlgC, hemolysin gamma component C). Immune evasion cluster genes (chp, chemotaxis-inhibiting protein; sak, staphylokinase; scn; staphylococcal complement inhibitor). Exfoliative toxin and epidermal cell differentiation genes (etA, exfoliative toxin A; etD, exfoliative toxin D, edinB, epidermal cell differentiation inhibitor B). Proteases (sspB, staphopain B). Biofilm associated genes (icaA, intercellular adhesion gene A; icaC, intercellular adhesion gene C; icaD, intercellular adhesion gene D) □ negative ■ positive; *new spa types and sequence types; α: t127-ST852-CC1-SCCmecVII; β: t4690-ST152-CC152-SCCmecVc; : t8821-ST152-CC152-SCCmecVc