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Table 1 Characteristics of patients and CRAB isolates, February–March 2018

From: A five-component infection control bundle to permanently eliminate a carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii spreading in an intensive care unit

Patient Number Age/sex Date of ICU admission Date of discharge/death Outcome Isolate number Date of isolation Type of sample Pattern of acquisition Type of infection WGS code
P1 55/F 25/02 12/04 Death A1.1 26-2-18 BAL Infection VAP+
A1.2 27-2-18 Blood Infection Ab278
P2 58/F 22/02 28/02 Death A2.1 28-2-18 Blood Infection BSI Ab282
P3 9/F 04/03 13/03 Discharge A3.1 8-3-18 Pharynx Colonization Ab275
A3.2 8-3-18 Axillary Colonization Ab273
P4 52/F 04/03 23/03 Discharge A4.1 14-3-18 Urine Colonization Ab287
P5 73/M 27/02 27/03 Death A5.1 15-3-18 BAL Infection HAP Ab286
P6 66/F 11/03 24/03 Death A6.1 22-3-18 Blood Infection BSI Ab276
P7 83/F 26/03 29/03 Death A7.1 28-3-18 Blood Infection BSI Ab277
  1. Coding of isolates according to WGS
  2. Colonization with CRAB was defined as the detection of this pathogen in swabs without any evidence of clinical disease. BAL: Broncho-alveolar lavage; BSI: Bloodstream infection; CRAB: carbapenem-resistant A. baumannii; HAP: Hospital acquired pneumonia; VAP: Ventilator associated pneumonia; WGS: whole genome analysis