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Table 5 Clinical outcomes of patients infected with resistance to both BDQ and LZD

From: Prevalence of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in a Chinese multidrug-resistant TB cohort after redefinition

Patient ID Patient category Drug susceptibility Mutation conferring BDQ resistance Mutation conferring LZD resistance Treatment regimen Sputum culture conversion Clinical outcome
040,012 Previously treated MDR WT Cys154Arg (rplC) Bdq/Lzd/Mfx/Cs/Am/Pto 8 weeks Cured
010,121 Previously treated XDR Ile108Thr (Rv0678) WT Bdq/Lzd/Mfx/Cs/Cfz/Am NA Treatment failure
  1. MDR, multidrug-resistance; XDR, extensive drug-resistance; BDQ, bedaquiline; LZD, linezolid; Mfx, moxifloxacin; Cs, cycloserine; Am, amikacin; Pto, protionamide; Cfz, clofazimine; NA, not available; WT, wild-type