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Table 2 Availability of PPE for frontline HCWs during the COVID-19 pandemic

From: Preparing for future waves and pandemics: a global hospital survey on infection control measures and infection rates in COVID-19

Institution Masks Disposable gloves Disposable gowns Disposable caps Disposable goggles Hand disinfectant Other PPE Training
Type Duration
Salzburg, Austria SM, FFP2, FFP3 4 h Yes Yes Yes Yesa Yes Face shields Yes
Wuhan, China SM, N95, KN95 4 h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mannheim, Germany FFP2, FFP3 1/shift Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Aprons Yes
Bergamo, Italy SM, FFP2, FFP3, N95, N99, KN95 1–2/shift Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Face shields Yes
Singapore SM, N95 4–5 h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Powered air-purifying respirator (interventional radiology) Yes
Lucerne, Switzerland SM, FFP2 1/shift Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yesb
UK SM, FFP2, FFP3 1/shift Yes Yes Yes No Yes Face shields Yesc
Boston, USA N95 (fitted) 1/shift (8–12 h) Yes Yes No Yesa Yes Personal respirators (if unable to use N95), face shieldsa Yes
  1. SM surgical masks
  2. aReused after disinfection
  3. bOnly HCWs in risk areas (COVID-19 ward, emergency department, intensive care unit)
  4. cOnly frontline staff with contact with COVID-19 patients