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Table 2 Control strains used for resistance gene analysis

From: Prevalence and characterization of antimicrobial resistance among gram-negative bacteria isolated from febrile hospitalized patients in central Ethiopia

Resistance gene Base pairs Bacterial species ATCC number
SHV group 780 Klebsiella pneumoniae NRZ-02718
TEM group 860 Klebsiella oxytoca NRZ 09574
CTX-M-1 group 688 Escherichia coli NRZ-04944
CTX-M-2 group 404 Escherichia coli NRZ-09082
CTX-M-9 group 561 Escherichia coli NRZ 00552
NDM-1 180 Klebsiella pneumoniae JS-37
OXA-51 112 Acinetobacter baumannii DMBF-4