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Table 3 Overview of the infection control preconditions

From: Implementation of the Infection Risk Scan (IRIS) in nine hospitals in the Belgian-Dutch border region (i-4-1-Health project)

Infection control preconditions
1. Personal protective equipment is present
 Gloves are present at every point of care*
 Aprons are present at the patient ward
 Surgical masks are present at the patient ward
2. A bedpan washer-disinfector is available and meets following requirements
 Disinfection with steam or hot water of at least 80° for at least 60 s
 Bedpan washer or shredding system has been validated
3. Hand hygiene is possible at every point of care
 There is hand alcohol available at every point of care
 There is hand soap available at every point of care
 There are only disposable towels or wipes available at the patient ward
 There is a hand hygiene poster present at the patient ward
4. Document management system of infection prevention protocols is available
 3 nurses from the ward are able to find 2 protocols regarding an infection prevention subject
 e.g. hand hygiene, isolation precautions
5. Clean-dirty separation
 Linen is stored dust-free and kept away from moisture
 Clean and dirty linen are processed separately
 There is a visual separation of a clean and dirty zone in the utility
6. Existing chairs or benches can be easily cleaned and disinfected
 There are no fabric chairs or couches in the ward
 The upholstery of chairs and benches is intact
7. An expiration date/period of use of patient-bound materials is not exceeded
 Check the expiring date of at least 5 objects (ex. syringe, blood tubes)
 Check the expiring date of at least 5 products (care products, skin antiseptics)
  1. *Point of care = place where 3 elements are present: the patient, the health care worker and the care or treatment of the patient