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Table 4 Correlation analysis between Antibiotic prescription and Antimicrobial resistance (July 2010-March 2011) in ICU

From: Control of multidrug resistant bacteria in a tertiary care hospital in India

Organism(s) and Drug resistance r (Correlation Coefficient) Interpretation of correlation
E.coli + Kleb   
Imepenem −0.29 Negative
Meropenem −0.39 Negative
CSL 0.03 Positive
Pip/Tazo 0.01 Positive
Imepenem 0.17 Positive
Meropenem 0.29 Positive
CSL 0.48 Positive
Pip/Tazo 0.33 Positive
Imepenem 0.04 Positive
Meropenem −0.6 Negative
CSL 0.62 Positive
Pip/Tazo −0.39 Negative