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Table 1 Items of knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic use self administered to respondents of the survey of self medication with antibiotics in Yogyakarta City Indonesia

From: Knowledge and beliefs about antibiotics among people in Yogyakarta City Indonesia: a cross sectional population-based survey

Questions of knowledge and beliefs
K1: Antibiotics must be taken as soon as we have fever
K2: Antibiotics can treat viral infections
K3: Antibiotics can treat bacterial infections
K4: People can be allergic to antibiotics
K5: When antibiotics are taken for the wrong indication this leads to antibiotic resistance
B1: I believe that antibiotics can cure any diseases
B2: I believe that antibiotics can prevent any illnesses from becoming worse
B3: I believe that an injury to the skin can be cured quickly by pouring antibiotic powders onto the injury
B4: I believe that antibiotics do not have any side-effects