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O099: Making a training CD-ROM on activity waste at risk care


Within the context of a mission of the regional Health/Environment departments, CEDDES produced a second training CD-ROM in november 2010, about hazardous health care waste : infectious, chemical, toxic, radioactive waste.


To respond to needs for training the different categories of staff in health care , education establishments, research centres in human medicine and veterinary, and professionals of the environment, in order to set up an optimal health care waste management.


Stages :

  • Selection of the Steering Committee - period of the mission : 18 months

  • Document retrieval

  • Writing


Production of a CD-rom of 400 screens divided in 5 chapters: HCW, infectious HCW, chemical, toxic HCW, radioactive HCW, general waste; illustrated with 300 photos; glossary of 250 words; repertoire of 240 acronyms; proposals for evaluation quiz; selection of websites.


The CD-rom can be used in developed countries as well as developing ones.

A suitable HCWM is a complex system with regulatory, organizational, structural, budgetary components; with sanitary, environmental, economic, legal implications.

Key elements: - Hand hygiene, control of health care associated infections, in the context of the new world stakes of patient safety; - Management of sharps and AES control.

The CD-rom is a teaching aid to set up a long-lasting change of behaviour towards a common culture of safety. It got the Prize 2012 of the STHSS.

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