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P015: Prevention of re-use of single-use suction catheter decreased the vap incidence density in a resource-limited adult ICU in Egypt


Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) had a major impact on patient morbidity and mortality in our ICU, an adult ICU in a tertiary hospital, in spite of application of ventilator- associated pneumonia prevention (VAP) bundle. Between March 2009 and May 2010 the incidence rate was 17/1,000 device-days


This study aimed to identify and correct unsafe procedures related to care of the ventilated patient


Due to limited resources, the suction catheter was found to be reused for the same patient during a working shift (6 hours). This practice was prohibited and the hospital management was convinced to provide adequate regular supplies of single- use suction catheters. A new policy for suctioning was written and implemented


From June 2010 till December 2012, a new sterile single- use catheter was used for each suction procedure then discarded immediately after single- use. The incidence rate was decreased to 5.6/1,000 device-days by the end of 2012 (67% decrease).


Re-use of single- use supplies contributes to increasing the rate of healthcare- associated infections in low- resource settings. The infection preventionist should make a business case of infection control and analyze the cost- effectiveness of interventions

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