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P177: Community-based learning: medical parasitology in pre-clinical year, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand

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Medical Parasitology subject is one of basic medical science. We have integrated subject through community based learning.


Assess medical students’ attitudes toward practice in laboratory (TC) parasitological examination in the rural community (MPEC).


Cross-sectional descriptive study was constructed among 46 medical students during April to July 2012. Attitudes were compared between practice in laboratory (TC) and mobile parasitological examination in the community (MPEC).


A total of 46 (22 Males and 24 Females) medical students. Most of students was highly satisfied with MPEC. Student’ skill, they could be identified parasites during community studied. A total of 85 stool sample was examined and found 7 samples were infected with hookworm (5 patients), Strongyloides stercolaris (1 patient) and Taenia sp. (1 patient), respectively.


That modification in educational methods. MPEC experience in particular can favorably influence students' attitudes toward basic sciences.

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