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P260: Step assessment of nosocomial infections control in Sengal (Pronalin)


As a member state of WHO, Senegal, has committed to take up the global challenge of nosocomial infections control by setting up a national program since 2004. A road map including administrative and organizational measures as well as technical activities had been shared with all health structures.


The objective of this work is to evaluate the implementation of the program.


A supervision guide had been elaborated based on the activities outlined in the roadmap. We conducted a formal evaluation of these activities.


95% of the health structures have set up an institutional framework as well as prioritized workgroups; hand washing activities and biomedical waste management has been carried out partially. 95% of health structures did not carry out any activity on care infection surveillance; only 38% of the health institutions have set up a local section for patient security.


Setting up an institutional framework as well as prioritized workgroups was a success. However, it should be mentioned that implementation of the roadmap activities could have been better.

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