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P271: Knowledge of infection prevention and control during pregnancy in local health facilities in Bujumbura


Nosocomial infection is a constant concern in the obstetric and surgical practice in both developing countries than in developed countries.


To assess knowledge, attitudes and practices of the staff of maternity services in the prevention of nosocomial infection in three community health centers in Bujumbura.


A qualitative survey was conducted using a standardized questionnaire over 2 months with 76 health workers from three maternity wards of health facilities in the vicinity of all categories. Data collection consisted of two parts: first assessment of knowledge through a questionnaire and also the observation of attitudes and practices of personal hygiene.


It was noted: In knowledge: Knowledge of the exact def-inition of nosocomial infection: 75% (doctors), modes of transmission of infection (manu-portage): 50%, hygiene protocols: 25%, and procedures decontamination of contaminated equipment: 16%. At the observation of practices:

Compliance with hand washing before and after childbirth: 50% Use of alcohol-based solutions: 20%, antiquated equipment sterilization: 80% Compliance with the sterilization of equipment: 25% Circulation in delivery rooms disorganized: 100%, perceived risk of blood contamination (uterus): 75%, biomedical waste collected and decontaminated evil: 80%, existence of incinerators: 33.3% and participation in training in personal hygiene: 50%.


There is a high risk of infectious contamination in maternity services studied for both the staff and for parturient and their newborns.

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