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P284: Performance measures imputed bundle of infection control to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis hospital general labor 2005-2012


We identify causes of nosocomial transmission of tuberculosis in health workers, inadequate: preventative maintenance, provision, purchase / allocation, needs boxes, distribution and use of N95 respirators (R-N95) misuse of natural ventilation, overcrowding . We implement surveillance of cases of occupational tuberculosis (TBCO) from the Hospital Infection Control Committee implemented and maintained joint control strategies(BUNDLE).


To determine the cost of the most successful strategy in reducing the TIA-TBCO. Dosimar H0: The application of strategies are equally expensive to reduce the rate of TBCO.H1: applying at least two different intervention strategies are lower in cost TBC occupational rate.


Intervention study, longitudinal economically valued each health intervention with the TIA-monthly TBCO implemented: 2008 was applied around the BUNDLE, compare the cost medium TBCO with TIA-l! proof Kruskall - Wallis.


With a confidence limit of 95% of TIA TBCO decreased from 1.154 to 231 per 100,000, with p = 0.416 decreased TIA-TBCO were equal to the 5 strategies employed. Using all the TIA- BUNDLE TBCO decreased 6 times, 87%, 14.038 cases were avoided and saved $ 20 million, were avoided losing 768 years on disability for work.


Use entire BUNDLE, with all it's always more effective. It is an effective preventive estartegia.

Save money. Lessens disease risks and controls. Increase the profitability of economically active lives. Improving health.


  1. Ramírez Wong F, Díaz Tavera Z: Métodos preventivos en estudiantes de enfermería de la Universidad Nacional del Callao y síntomas respiratorios por inadecuado uso de principios de bioseguridad para las categorías de aislamiento hospitalario. VII Brazilian Biosafety Congress.

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