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P348: Medical emergencies in national hospital of Lamorde, Niger


The emergency department of the National Hospital Lamordé is the venue for all patients whose care has not been programmed. But its use as a gateway to the health care system generates a space which decreases efficiency for real emergencies. Identifying the causes of malfunctions is essential to start making provision for improved organization and provision of emergency services.


We conducted a prospective cross-sectional study in the emergency department of the National Hospital Lamordé from 1 January to 31 December 2005. The survey made it possible to follow, 780 patients treated for medical and pediatric problems using individual records. Our variables are socio-demographic, clinical, paraclinical and therapeutic.


The mean age of patients was 24.8 years with a female predominance of 57%, 69.2% of visits are made to the hours of service the average waiting time is 20min consultations with 90min peak rush hour, 100% of transport were not medicalized and 97.6% were provided by untrained people, 76% of patients have made a self-reference, the majority or 72% of consultations were performed by students, 44% of cases one needs urgent care, pediatric emergencies represent 25.4% of admissions, malaria is the leading cause of under observation with 62.85% of cases, the completion rate effective diagnostic tests is 46.6%. These results come after a mean waiting time of 90min, the average waiting time is 30min care; 95.9% of patients made comments emergencies had a favorable, the mortality rate was 41%. Coma and PCBs are the primary causes each with 25% of cases and malaria is the leading cause of mortality of pediatric cases with 27.14% of cases.


The finding results inspired our recommendations for improving the organization, the service efficiency and quality of structures by conventional standards.

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