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P357: A descriptive study of maternal deaths in Algeria in 2011


In our country, despite a substantial increase in the assisted delivery rate to 97%, the maternal mortality rate remains high. 70% of maternal deaths occur during delivery and the postpartum period.


Perform a clinical audit of maternal deaths to identify causes to reduce the risk of maternal death, for care based on quality assurance.


This audit was performed through the use of a standard questionnaire on all deaths occurring in 2011; the questionnaire was sent to health administrators of the 48 health departments of Wilayas. Data analysis was performed on the software SSPRO.


Out of 220 maternal deaths, 93% occurred in hospital, 26% following an evacuation in an emergency. Some causes include hemorrhage 31.4%; HTA / complication 12.7%; cardiovascular 12.3%; infections 6.4%. The ages ranged from 19 to 55 years with an average of 32.9 years. The Deaths were most frequent at first pregnancy (39%) and at fourth or later pregnancy (32%). Outcomes for fetuses were live birth in 44.5%, stillbirth in 33.6%, and abortion in 2.7%.


Access to essential obstetric care quality was limited: no hierarchy of levels of care, lack of organizational standards and functional at the hospital; evacuations late coupled with inefficient management of obstetric emergencies. Weight of the high risk of cardiovascular disease.

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