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A continuous process of creating responsiveness among healthcare workers results in maintaining good lab practices & increasing awareness regarding safe & hygienic work environment

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In early 2013, the section of Histopathology of Clinical Laboratory, The Aga Khan University & Hospital was facing the minimal safe practices among technical staff including Improper Hand Hygiene practices, Inadequate Decontamination procedures & Compromised Handling of Biological Spill management. Hence Initiation of Laboratory Staff Awareness Program appeared very productive in improvement of staff routine safe laboratory practices even under stressed & hectic work environment.


The background is that we had encountered number of observations in periodic Safety Inspections regarding Hand Hygiene practices, decontamination procedures & handling of biological spill. Hence in compliance to maintain a safe work environment the laboratory was urged to initiate the Staff Awareness Sessions & Quiz on monthly basis to achieve improvement.


In this audit 50 technical staff undergone with assessment in two categories i.e. Awareness; assessed by quarterly quiz and Practices; assessed by direct observation and are evaluated in criteria of Satisfactory, Good & Excellent. The data of two years 2013 & 2014 is analyzed & compared in criteria of improvement from minimal or satisfactory level which is thereby improved up to the level of excellence in staff awareness and routine practices.


In 2013 hand hygiene was Satisfactory among 86% of staff while by 2014 60% of staff were following an excellent level of hand hygiene.

In 2013 Decontamination practice was Satisfactory among 89 % of staff while by 2014 59% of staff were practicing the excellent level of decontamination.

In 2013 Biological Spill Management was Satisfactory among 96 % of staff while by 2014 it is improved among 68% of staff up to the level of excellent.


On the basis of above results the achievement in improvement up to the level of excellent observed in 60% of staff for Hand Hygiene, 59% of staff for following proper Decontamination procedure and 68% of staff for Biological Spill Management regarding awareness and implementation in routine practices.

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Kabeer, A., Muhammad, S. & Minhas, K. A continuous process of creating responsiveness among healthcare workers results in maintaining good lab practices & increasing awareness regarding safe & hygienic work environment. Antimicrob Resist Infect Control 4, P88 (2015).

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