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Table 3 Antimicrobial resistance profiles identified in the STEC O157 and non-O157 from different animal sources

From: Antimicrobial resistance profiles of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 and Non-O157 recovered from domestic farm animals in rural communities in Northwestern Mexico

STEC Serotypes (n)a Sourcesb Resistance Profile
O157:H7 (1) Sheep AMP
O146:H21 (1), O157:H7 (4) Sheep Cattle CEF
O75:H8 (3), O146:H21 (1), O157:H7 (2) Sheep Cattle CHL
O157:H7 (7) Cattle, Chicken AMP, CEF
O8:H19 (1), O73:NT (1), O75:H8 (1), O111:H8 (1), O157:H7 (3) Sheep, Cattle CEF, CHL
O111:H8 (1) Sheep CEF, GEN
O157:H7 (1), O73:H4 (1), O75:H8 (1), O168:NT (1) Sheep, Cattle CEF, KAN
O75:H8 (2) Sheep, Cattle AMP, CEF, KAN
O20:H4 (1) Sheep AMP, CEF, TET
O157:H7 (1) Cattle CEF, CFP, CHL
O8:H19 (2), O73:H4 (1), O75:H8 (3), O146:H21 (1), O157:H7 (1) Sheep, Cattle CEF, CHL, KAN
O20:H4 (1) Sheep CEF, KAN, TET
O157:H7 (1) Cattle AMP, CEF, CHL, KAN
O20:H4 (1) Sheep AMP, CEF, CHL, TET
O75:H8 (1) Sheep CEF, CHL, KAN, IPM
O157:H7 (1) Sheep CEF, CHL, KAN, TET
O15:NT (1) Cattle AMC, AMP, CEF, CHL
O8:H19 (1), O157:H7 (2) Sheep, Cattle AMK, CEF, CHL, KAN
O157:H7 (1) Cattle AMC, AMK, AMP, CEF, KAN
  1. aNT, Non-typeable H-antigen
  2. bDomestic animal samples were collected from distinct regions in the Culiacan Valley, Sinaloa, Mexico [16]