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Table 2 Indications of Lower Segment Cesarean Section among the Obstetric patients in the present study

From: Incidence and risk factors for surgical site infections in obstetric and gynecological surgeries from a teaching hospital in rural India

Indication n = 239 (%)
Previous Cesarean delivery 74(31)
Fetal distress 38(16)
Prolonged labor 34(14)
Mal-presentation 22(9)
Obstructed labor 19(8)
Hypertensive disorder of pregnancy 22(9)
Antepartum hemorrhage 7(3)
Preterm rupture of membranes 5(2)
Othersa 4(2)
Combination of indications 14(6)
  1. aInclude maternal distress, maternal request, cephalo-pelvic disproportion (big baby), twins with malpresentation, ruptured uterus, cord accidents, and failed induction of labor.