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Table 2 Interventions needed in case of Candida auris outbreak

From: Healthcare-associated fungal outbreaks: New and uncommon species, New molecular tools for investigation and prevention

Interventions proposed Usefulness
1-Notify public health agency Undoubted
2-Place patient (colonized or infected) in a single room Undoubted
3-Institute Contact Precautions for colonized or infected patients Undoubted
4-Screen all contact patients (defined as roommates) once a week and before leaving the medical ward Uncertainty how best to monitor
5-Reinforce environmental cleaning 3× day with 1000 ppm chlorine based, vaporized H2O2 Undoubted
6-Reduce duration of invasive procedures in colonized patients Undoubted
7-Skin decolonization (colonized patients) with 10% w/w iodinated povidone No clear data