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Table 1 Core elements of contact precautions (CP) recommended by recent ESCMID and HICPAC/CDC guidelines

From: Variability in contact precautions to control the nosocomial spread of multi-drug resistant organisms in the endemic setting: a multinational cross-sectional survey

  ESCMID 2014 (3) HICPAC/CDC 2007 (2)
Indication for CP Colonization or infection with MDRO Colonization or infection with MDRO
Donning and wearing of gloves and gowns Gown and gloves are donned upon entry to a room Gown and gloves are donned upon room entry
Gown and gloves are indicated for all interactions that may involve contact with the patient or potentially contaminated areas in the patient’s environment.
Disposal of gowns and gloves Not stated Gown and gloves are discarded before exiting the patient room
Additional requirements & recommendations Use of disposable single-use or patient-dedicated non-critical care equipment (e.g. blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes). Use of patient-dedicated or single-use disposable noncritical equipment
Placement of patients Special isolation wards
Nursing cohort with separate rooms on general wards
Single room or cohort in same room without dedicated personnel
Placement in a room with patients unaffected by MDROs but maintaining CP by use of gowns and gloves based on the patient’s extent of MDRO carriage
Single patient room preferred
Cohort patients with same MDRO
Multi-bed rooms with non-infected/non-colonized patients: at least 3 ft spatial separation between beds
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