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Table 2 Odds ratios (95% Wald confidence intervals) for covariates in the final model* that determine antimicrobial resistance (higher Antimicrobial Resistance Index, ARI) in Escherichia coli from retired patients that have been prescribed antimicrobials at least 2 days prior to sampling

From: Characteristics of the antibiotic regimen that affect antimicrobial resistance in urinary pathogens

Co-variate Odds ratio [95%CI] Co-variate Odds ratio [95%CI]
Gender (male) 1.29 [1.14–1.45] Log(time) 0.83 [0.81–0.85]
N_prescriptions 1.05 [1.04–1.06] Survival (yes) 0.84 [0.78–0.92]
%Injectable 1.00 [0.99–1.00] N_prescriptions * %Injectable 1.0004 [1.0001–1.0007]
   N_prescriptions * gender (male) 0.97 [0.956–0.99]
  1. N_prescriptions: number of preceding antimicrobial prescriptions received 2 days or more before each sample; %Injectable: proportion of parenteral (non-oral) preceding antimicrobial prescriptions. *Laboratory identity (n = 15) was controlled for in the final model (p < 0.0001), but individual values were not included in the Table