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Table 1 Overview of implemented interventions

From: The effect of antibiotic stewardship interventions with stakeholder involvement in hospital settings: a multicentre, cluster randomized controlled intervention study

Intervention Hospital Specialty Intervention sessions Attendance consultants/ residents (estimated) Performed by Special features of each intervention Common features of intervention sessions for both audit with feedback and academic detailing
Audit with feedback A Pulmonary medicine 16.05.14 70% Local pharmacist + study ward consultant Focus areas: Pneumonia (CAP) COPD exacerbations - > Adherence to guideline (50 patients) Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics - > Indication for treatment (50 patients) 1. Verbal presentation including: - Antibiotic resistance - Antibiotic guideline - Dosing of antibiotics - Ward antibiotic sales statistics 2. Discussion among ward physicians: - Ward prescribing practice - Challenges - Target setting (1–2 targets)
B Infectious diseases 20.05.14 27.05.14 100%
Academic detailing A Gastro-enterology 14.05.14 90% Local ID-physician Case discussions on recently discharged patients with infectious diseases. Variety of diagnoses, chosen by ID-physician
B Pulmonary medicine 13.05.14 23.05.14 100%
C Infectious diseases 20.05.14 21.05.14 70%
Control A Infectious diseases
B Gastro-enterology
C Pulmonary medicine