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Table 3 Hospital cleaning: overall research agenda

From: Keeping hospitals clean and safe without breaking the bank; summary of the Healthcare Cleaning Forum 2018

Mobilize stakeholders
Develop standardized guidelines for hospital cleaning
Develop standardized operating procedures (SOP) for assessing quality of the cleaning performed
Build a solid business case for investing in cleaning services, taking into consideration the cost and value of hospital cleaning and disinfection
Encourage increased research in methods, implementation, compliance, and clinical outcomes of hospital cleaning
Foster cooperation between private enterprise and public institutions
Compile existing and publish new literature supporting the best products, technology and practices on the market
Develop a model of a proven way of organizing hospital environmental cleaning services. Address the issue of cleaning personnel certification. How to train and educate personnel for modern cleaning tasks?
Ensure process understanding in training: quality must become routine
Address hospital perception of hospital environmental cleaning personnel- cleaning is not just a job, but a profession