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Table 1 Clostridium difficile knowledge assessment

From: Clostridium difficile infection perceptions and practices: a multicenter qualitative study in South Africa

Criteria for Clostridium difficile knowledge Points
Signs and symptoms (diarrhoea) 1
States characteristics of bacteria (any mention of: microbiology, virulence mechanism, disruption of normal flora, opportunistic) 1
Soap and water needed to clean hands, not just alcohol 1
Treatment options (any mention of: metronidazole, oral vancomycin, fecal transplant, contraindication with loperamide) 1
Contact isolation needed (or contagious) 1
Risk factors (immunocompromised, antibiotic use, proton pump inhibitors) 1
Diagnosis (stool sample, testing methods [PCR/toxins]) 1
Total points =
No knowledge = 0–1a
Limited knowledge = 2–3
Moderate knowledge = 4–5
Advanced knowledge = 6–7
  1. aPoint allocation of 1 is considered no knowledge because there are multiple diseases associated with any one of the criteria, unless person states characteristics of bacteria