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Table 1 Demographics and antibiotic susceptibility testing methods in the 13 participating hospitalsa

From: A compilation of antimicrobial susceptibility data from a network of 13 Lebanese hospitals reflecting the national situation during 2015–2016

Hospital Region Type Beds Microbiological Methodb Guidelines
HDF Beirut University 444 Automated EUCAST
LAUMC-RH Beirut University 114 Manual CLSI + EUCAST
RHUH Beirut University 250 Automated CLSI
AUBMC Beirut University 380 Manual CLSI
MGH Beirut University 170 Manual CLSI
Zahraa Mount Lebanon University 201 Manual + Automated CLSI
CHU-NDS Mount Lebanon University 250 Automated CLSI + EUCAST
MEIH Mount Lebanon University 150 Manual EUCAST
SGH Mount Lebanon University 400 Manual CLSI
Nini North Lebanon Community 175 Manual CLSI
CHdN North Lebanon University 180 Manual CLSI
Haykal North Lebanon Community 120 Automated CLSI
Labib MC South Lebanon Community 120 Automated CLSI
  1. KEY: HDF Hotel Dieu de France, LAUMC-RH Lebanese American University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital, RHUH Rafic Hariri University Hospital, AUBMC American University of Beirut Medical Center, MGH Makassed General Hospital, CHU-NDS Centre Hospitaler Universitaire Notre Dame de Secours, MEIH Middle East Institute of Health, SGH Saint Georges Hospital, CHdN Centre Hospitalier du Nord, MC Medical Center, EUCAST European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing, CLSI Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
  2. aAll of the participating hospitals are private, except for RHUH that is a public hospital
  3. bAutomated microbial identification system: Vitek, BD Phoenix